Dean and Rector The Very Reverend David Bird        photo by Lorenso Carillo-Arciniega  April 1, 2018

art and culture infused in glass by Owen Doremus
     at the little brown church in Silicon Valley  
81 N. Second Street, San Jose      built in 1863
 fifteen of the original eighteen
Doremus windows remain
Tap the windows to read the stories
stained glass windows
Trinity Cathedral
         San Jose, California
Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves (Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real)
presents the Eucharist at Trinity Cathedral on June 10, 2018

photo by Lorenso Carillo-Arciniega
The new series is based on a
1977 publication by the
Church Vestry
which describes
People of the Windows--
those memorialized and their

William A. Daniels
William R. Davis

Mark and Joanna Hardy

James and Anne Hart
Major Samuel Hensley
Helen Crosby Hensley
James and Mary Lowe

Lendrum Families

Moses Schallenberger

Francis Schallenberger

Josephine and M.A. Smith
Wakefield Family legacy

Bishop William Kip church
consecration 1867

Rev. Peter Williams Cassey

   sanctuary windows photographed by
 Cathedral Warden Daniel Hall
 July 27, 2017
Hart - Brolly Family
Master Gardener  
abolition  congregation

   Lendrum Families
   Ascension                          Centennial                         Bell Tower                           
Schallenberger pioneers
                  Major Samuel Hensley
                  Helen Crosby Hensley
Copyright The Dean and Rector, Officers, Wardens,
and Members of the Vestry of Trinity Cathedral in San Jose
a nonprofit organization

Jean Libby, member of the congregation, author
a series of local
history articles by
Jean Libby
published in
The Carillon,
the online journal of
Trinity Cathedral in
San Jose beginning
June 2017

Sara Calkins, editor