Ancestors of Rev. Peter Williams Cassey, ordained
deacon of the Episcopal Church in 1866, published
by The Library Company of Philadelphia
Carter G. Woodson, and Charlotte Forten Grimke
Elisha O. Crosby                            Helen Crosby Hensley
1st California legislature               Samuel J. Hensley
emissary of Abraham Lincoln
The story of Jacob
and Sarah Massey

community pioneers of
San Jose and the
Trinity Episcopal Church
abolItion congregation
Backstories:  Research sources for People of the Windows

stained glass windows by Owen Doremus installed in 1863
at Trinity Episcopal Church  San Jose, California

 Abolition Congregation
The Reverend
Peter Williams
Cassey at Trinity
Church 1860-1881

by Jerry Estruth
editor of
Trinity Windows

updated 2018
Clarence Thomas Urmy
St. Thomas Episcopal   
Sunnyvale California
Trinity's organist and choirmaster
for 33 years  (1885-1918)

California's Troubadour
A Life and Selected Poems of
Clarence Thomas Urmy

by Gage McKinney

Comstock Bonanza Press