June 24 - August 31 2014
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library      Culture Heritage Center 5th floor    
150 E. San Fernando Street 95112

to be returned for joyous celebration in
Fall 2015
Paul Archambeault, coordinator of bell-ringers
is shown at the console

download Restoration of the Bells

top:  Hope With South Sudan  

middle:  Peter Cassey, pioneer African American
ordained in 1866 by Bishop of California

Music Ministry:  Carillon (bells) from tower now in
restoration after 130 years at 81 N. Second Street,  
The oldest active church building in San Jose,
first unit erected 1863 (mid-Civil War)

Lyle Settle, who played the organ at Trinity and other
churches in San Jose   In Memorium       May 4, 2014

right:  Michael Joyce, music director at Trinity

photo by Jean Libby, curator
Outreach program:  Meals for People who are Homeless

partial group of regular volunteers:  at left left to right:  Rick Hawes; the Fong family (Alan, Michele,
Kimberly); Susan Parks; the Chu family (Harrison, Vivian, and son); Ben White

service mission for over fifteen years at Trinity Cathedral, San Jose

download Meals for People who are Homeless 2014
Ivy at Trinity Cathedral comes
from Melrose Abbey in Scotland.  
Read about the early church
members by Historian
Jan Paull          download pdf
A Master Gardener James Lowe
Collect for Peter Cassey August 2013
Rev. Jerry Drino, author
Trinity ministers and parishioners
at Oak Hill Cemetery, San Jose,
honor Anna Besant Cassey and
her mother Henrietta Lockwood
Professor Herbert G. Ruffin's book
provides history of Peter Cassey
and Trinity Cathedral in the context
of African Americans in Santa Clara

Link to Barnes & Noble for book
published by the University of
Oklahoma Press
Commendation for Trinity Cathedral
from Supervisor Dave Cortese's
office at the exhibition reception
July 2nd, 2014.

The Very Rev. David Bird
The-Vu Nguyen
photo by Anh Tran

Weddings of Trinity Episcopal Church SCC County
Pioneers Inez Pacheco and James R. Lowe, Jr. 1861
published by the Santa Clara County
Historical & Genealogical Society Fall 2014

African American Pioneers Sarah Massey and
Jacob Overton, 1869     Spring 2015