Peter Williams, Sr.  (1755-1823)  founder of
A M E Zion Church in 1796          New York

"Peter Williams, the Old Colored Sexton of the John St.
Methodist Church.” Engraving by Alexander H. Richie in
J. B. Wakely,
Lost Chapters Recovered from the Early
History of American Methodism
(New York, 1858).

The Reverend Peter Williams, Jr. (1786-1840)
first African American Episcopal priest in New
York      founder of St. Philip's Episcopal
Church in Harlem

educated at the African Free School, co-founder of the
African American newspaper
Freedom's Journal

great-grandfather and grandfather of
The Reverend Peter Williams Cassey
founder of St. Philip's Mission and   
Academy in San Jose, California
ordained a deacon at
Trinity Episcopal Church in 1866
Standing Witness:  Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the End of the Civil War
and Abolishing Slavery                                        Symposium

April 18, 2015             
Student Union Auditorium                  
9th and San Fernando Streets         
meet the author Professor
Herbert G. Ruffin II
Syracuse University Dept. of African American

University of Oklahoma Press
#7 Race and Culture in the American West Series

Symposium:  Californian Pioneers of
Color San Francisco Bay to
San José:

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties in
Santa Clara Valley  
Emancipation to Turning the 20th
founded many churches and Bay
Trinity Episcopal Church

One of these became a Japanese
immigrant congregation
presently on Pierce Street in San
•        “They will not stand at the margins – providing education for children
of color excluded from public schools
in 1860s-1870s San José”

- The Rev. Jerry Drino – Episcopal priest and coordinator of the  Cassey
Memorial Project

(at right) Dianna Cassey-Warner with Rev. Jerry in San Jose, April 19, 2015  

(center) Jacques Hebert, Dianna, Rev. Jamesetta Hammons, Janice Paull
Market Street Chinatown
Archaeological Project

program developed by the
Stanford Archaeology Center, the
A research and education
program developed by the
Stanford Archaeology Center, the
Stanford University Department
of Anthropology, History San
Jose, Environmental Science
Associates, and the Chinese
Historical and Cultural Project.
"Family of John Brown in Santa Clara

Jean Libby, community historian and
author, Allies for Freedom
Mary Brown and Her Daughters
Documentary Project  

meet the author Stan Yogi
TIMELINES  Developer
Civil Liberties  Human Rights

Wherever There's a Fight: How
Runaway Slaves, Suffragists,
Immigrants, Strikers, and Poets
Shaped Civil Liberties in California
winner of the Gold Medal in the 2010

Thank you, Mayor Sam Liccardo
for recognizing Trinity Cathedral
San Jose Historical Landmark #6
Gloria Duncan
Anh Tran
California on April 15, 2015

Arranged and sponsored by
District 2 Supervisor
Cindy Chavez

(left to right) Robert Walker, Mr. Strickland,
Anh Tran, Jean Libby, Judy Noyes, Bill Noyes,
Jeffrey Cardenas, Van Lan Truong