Speakers and Presenters for the Symposium

Standing Witness

San Jose State University              April 18, 2015
Stan Yogi, author        Wherever There's a Fight: How Runaway
Slaves, Suffragists, Immigrants, Strikers and Poets Shaped Civil
Liberties in California

TIMELINES                         wherevertheresafight.com/timeline

California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (California
State Libraries)                  
Herbert G. Ruffin II, author

Uninvited Neighbors:           African
Americans in Silicon Valley, 1769-1990

The Rev. Jerry Drino, Episcopal priest
and coordinator of the Cassey Memorial

Jean Libby, community historian

John Brown's Family in California; a journey
by funeral train, covered wagon, through
archives, to the Valley of Heart's Delight

book link, free to download
Bonnie Montgomery, historian

"The Plight of Chinese Laborers in San Jose in the late

Lovie B. Spencer, Jr.,
Episcopal scholar

Discussion led by
SJSU Students
The Symposium is sponsored by
The Rev. Deacon Kathleen A. Crowe, chaplain

Canterbury Bridge is represented by historian
John Hamer, De Anza College
and member of the Board of Directors, Canterbury Bridge