Keisha Evans, Pan African City Alive!        Jean Libby, Allies for Freedom                        
                       John W. Templeton, Gold Rush Abolitionists
(right) Bill Noyes, South Bay Civil War Round Table
Santa Clara County Connections to the Civil War March 07 2012
African welcome for Dauphin
Thompson's carbine, Sunnyvale
Public Library, March 07, 2012.
(right) Mick talks with Thomas Libby
of San Francisco, history columnist
California Lawyer Magazine and
gun enthusiast.

photos by Bill Noyes,
South Bay Civil War Round Table   

Special guest:  Mick Konowal of Microsoft
Corp.,  with Dauphin Thompson’s Model
1853 Sharps Carbine carved with Annie’s name

artefact photos by the owner, Mick Konowal
Mattie Tinsley, African American Heritage House, San Jose
Diane McAfee, Professor of English at San Jose City College                         
Dauphin Thompson, who died at the bayonets of U.S. Marines in
the enginehouse at Harpers Ferry on October 18, 1859.  His
brother Henry was the husband of Ruth Brown; his sister Bell
was the wife of Watson Brown, also killed in John Brown's slave
liberation attempt in Harpers Ferry.    
William Thompson, their brother, also came to free the captives
in bondage and died at Harpers Ferry on October 17, 1859.

Photo from the Featherstonhaugh Collection, Library of Congress.
Lions and tigers and giraffes, oh my -- and Civil War re-enactor Debbie
Grace who works at the National Maritime Museum in San Francisco by
day and chases cannon for fun on weekends.  Display by Pan African City
Alive!  Peter and Keisha Evans, proprietors
Historian John William Templeton of San Francisco
talked about the Underground Railroad in Santa
Clara County, the site of the first recorded fugitive
rescue in California in 1850.  

      Peter Williams Cassey, a
Gold Rush Abolitionis
t, was the founder of a school
for African Americans in San Jose in 1862.  
He became a deacon in the Trinity Episcopal Church
on 2nd Street  San Jose in 1866   
see his
Mary Brown and Her Daughters
Documentary Project

September 25, 2012

Homecoming to Saratoga,

at Hakone Gardens

Sarah Brown
Tom Calarco             April 2012

Interview with Jean Libby about
Mick Konowal, antiques
collector, who recently
purchased one of the Sharps  
rifles that was used Brown’s
men at Harpers Ferry.
Mrs. Libby is the creator of the
Chronology and the companion
book.   Mr. Konowal is a senior
attorney with Microsoft.

Podcast: Download
research article in Manuscript  Fall 2012  
Vol. 64 No. 4

This is a story about inscriptions on a gun and the
manuscripts which helped validate the inscriptions and
Dauphin Thompson, one of John Brown’s men, during
establish the gun’s provenance as a weapon used by
the raid at Harpers Ferry. The manuscripts and gun’s
inscriptions also provide evidence to support a rumored
close relationship between Dauphin Thompson and
John Brown’s daughter Annie.

author:  Michael J. Konowal
"The Guns of October"
by Hannah N. Geffert
and "The Woodlands
of Maryland" by Allies
for Freedom
John Brown Mysteries
revised and online in
pdf in 2012 for
download without
Weddings of County
Inez Pacheco and James R.
Lowe, Jr., 1861

new publication by Jean Libby in
the Santa Clara County Historical
and Genealogical Society Journal
Fall 2014
Weddings of County
Pioneers at Trinity Church

Sarah Massey and Jacob
Overton, 1869

new publication by Jean Libby
in the Santa Clara County
Historical and Genealogical
Society Journal
Spring 2015
Edmonia Lewis, San Jose Public Library  

Bronze sculpture by Emil Seletz, M.D.  
Santa Clara County   Civic Center lobby,