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Mean to be Free:  John Brown's Black Nation Campaign DVD
John Brown's plans to
liberate enslaved people in
the United States told in art
and poetry,  
story and song.

Author and photographer:  
Jean Libby

Director of narration
Margaret B. Wilkerson

Creative Director
Roy Thomas

Produced by the University of California African
American Studies Department and UC Berkeley TV
and Radio Studio.  Creative director:  Roy Thomas

The script uses primary sources of the actual words of
John Brown, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and
Annie Brown with over 400 archival and contemporary
images.  A student ensemble reading of Robert C. Hayden
"Runagate Runagate" depicts the Underground Railroad.

cover image art by Malaquias
Montoya and students at the
California College of Arts and
Crafts in Oakland.  
Mural no longer extant.  
Photo by Jean Libby, 1982

ISBN 978-0-9773638-3-4


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