Who can tell the story of John Brown's widow Mary Anne Day

The people who knew her, such as her husband John Brown of
Harpers Ferry, the poet Frances Watkins Harper, her descendants,
and Mary's own words.

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with historical context to continue the family legacy of equality and
Mary A. wife of John Brown of
Harpers Ferry (1816-1884)
is buried at
the Madronia Cemetery in Saratoga,
California with
17 descendants.  
Next to her are
Sarah and Ellen,  
Daughters of John Brown.
Both passed away in 1916.  
Mary was photographed with
her daughters Annie (left) and
Sarah (right) ca. 1853 in
Vernon, New York or Vernon,
Ohio?  research in progress
Library of Congress

Mary Brown's Interview with the New
York Tribune, December 1, 1859

and her journey to Virginia

"Yankee Abolitionist" by Jean Libby
Ellen was born in 1854    
Mary and her daughters
emigrated to California
with her only surviving
son Salmon in 1863/1864.

Saratoga Historical Museum
Lucy Higgins and Sarah Brown Collection, The Bancroft Library,
The University of California, Berkeley      Gift of Lori Deal, October 2005
Frances Watkins Harper and
Mary Anne Day Brown  

by Louis A. DeCaro, June 08, 2011

"A Remembrance of Free Spirits"

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Mary Anne Day Brown widow of John Brown the Abolitionist
May 9, 2000                                                                                                                                     San Jose City College students at Dr. Aptheker's commemoration

"She was just as much an abolitionist as                                                                                                                                    (at right)    Henry P. Organ, Allies for Freedom
her husband!"  Herbert Aptheker
Jean Libby signing Mary's biography
John Brown's Family in California at
the Madronia Cemetery, March 9 2009
Mary Anne Day Brown  (1816-1884)
wife of John Brown of Harpers Ferry