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“Blow Ye the Trumpet!”  Louis A. DeCaro’s scholarly blog on John Brown.


John Brown’s letters to his wife Mary Day Brown, from prison in Charles Town

Four letters, fully transcribed.  These letters are historically important because of their
personal content and the coded messages therein to abolitionist leaders.


Natchez, Mississippi

Preserving the Forks-of-the-Roads Enslavement Market Sites in Natchez, Mississippi

A Grassroots Struggle to Achieve History and Tourism Democracy in Southwest Mississippi
and Central Louisiana

The National Park Service self-guided
study course of African American
archaeology and artifacts -- how to
examine and report the treasures in
your churches and homes
These are interesting sites on the topics of African American archaeology and

ALLIES FOR FREEDOM is an unfunded group of teachers, librarians, and local historians who research and
write on the African center of John Brown's raid at Harpers Ferry in 1859

authors:   Jean Libby, retired US History community college instructor, California,  Hannah N. Geffert, Shepherd University,
West Virginia; Evelyn M.E. Taylor, chair, Charles Town West Virginia Landmarks Commission;  Louis S. Diggs, historian of
African American settlements in Baltimore  County; Jimica Akinloye Kenyatta, Charles Town West Virginia; Eva Slezak, Enoch
Pratt Free Library, Baltimore;  Henry P. Organ, California; Judith Grevious Cephas, retired resource teacher, Silver Spring,