Niagara Movement Centenary photos
Harpers Ferry, August 18 - 20, 2006
photos by Jean Libby   
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Louise Meeks, artist in residence, and
children in Clifford tent.  
Park Service people and interns.

What a great job they did!
Jean Libby and Andrew Kahrl at plaque
NAACP tablet honoring self-liberation
of enslaved people, 1932.

Relocated to Storer College and
rededicated by the NAACP, 2006.
Gwen Robinson (second from left)  
who led a group of 40 people from
Canada by bus to the Centenary, and
other dignitaries on the memorial walk.
Choir at Dawn Walk in honor of
Niagara Movement procession

Gwen Roper in center.

Pan African City Alive! opens new store in Sunnyvale,

see textiles online (click cloth)

Keisha Evans (top right) and family
California History tour in honor of Sarah Brown

Members of the Kappa, Offields, Morrison, and
Higgins families toured the Brown property sites
and the Saratoga Historical Museum with authors
Jean Libby, Mary Chiao, and composer Kirke
Mechem (with wife, Do second from right) in March
photo by Mary Chiao at the Ellen Brown Fablinger property,
now the City of Saratoga, California, Civic Center
Symposium in October
2009.  Call for papers

Hannah Geffert,
Peggy Russo,
Dean Grodzins
signing books, 2005