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John Brown's Family in California:   essays. photos, documents
This is the true story of Mary Brown, the
widow of John Brown, and her daughters,
who journeyed by covered wagon across the
United States to Red Bluff, California in

Annie Brown became a schoolteacher for a
colored (children of African Americans)
school, then married Samuel Adams, a
carriage maker. Everyone moved to
Rohnerville in 1869.  

Sarah Brown became a schoolteacher in
Red Bluff and later worked in the U.S. Mint
in San Francisco until she lost her job when
a Democrat came into office (Grover
Cleveland) and learned that John Brown's
daughter was sorting coins.  She later
developed a small prune orchard next to her
sister, Ellen Brown Fablinger, in Saratoga,
where they moved in 1881.  

In 1911 she protested the discrimination
laws regarding Asian workers. Through the
Congregational Church, Sarah taught her
work crew and their families English,
learning Japanese herself in order to do so.

Ellen Brown, who was five years old when
her father was hanged in Virginia, married a
schoolteacher from Illinois, James Fablinger.
Their 23-acre orchard site is the location of
the Civic Center of the City of Saratoga,
California, today.  

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Mary Brown's
Interview with the New
York Tribune, December 1, 1859

and her journey to Virginia

"Yankee Abolitionist" by Jean Libby