John Brown in Akron, Ohio
Monuments to John Brown are placed on
Mutton Hill, the extensive lands owned by
Simon Perkins, son of the founder of
Akron and John Brown's business partner
from 1844 to 1854.  

This monument was erected by the Negro
25-Year Club of Akron in September 1930.



Today the monument is part of the Akron Zoo
The German-American Alliance placed a large pillar, which
was a column of a demolished courthouse, in honor of
John Brown the Liberator in August 1910.

The installation was attended by Jason Brown, who had
returned from California to live with his son Charles.  Jason
donated his father's photograph to the Western Reserve
Historical Society in 1909.  (miscatalogued as the gift of John
Brown, Jr. who died in 1895)

Jason Brown passed away in Akron in 1912 and is buried with
his wife Ellen Sherbondy Brown and two sons at the Glendale

Leianne Neff Heppner, President and CEO of the Summit County Historical Society of
Akron, Ohio is photographed at the museum which is on the site of the Simon Perkins
Home in September 2014.  The adjacent home of John and Mary Brown is on the Society
property and may be viewed by appointment.             
                                                                              Photos by Jean Libby, Allies for Freedom